• miRegulome miRegulome is an integrated online repository that provides entire regulatory modules of a miRNA. The modules of a miRNA regulome consist of upstream regulators (transcription factors and various chemicals), downstream targets, pathways, functions, and disease associations etc.
  • DISMIRA We approach the miRNA-disease interactions from a network scientific perspective and devise two approaches – maximum weighted matching model (a graph theoretical algorithm which provides the result by solving an optimization equation of selecting the most prominent set of diseases) and motif-based analyses (which investigates the motifs of the miRNA-disease network and selects the most prominent set of diseases based on their maximum number of participation in motifs, thereby revealing the miRNA-disease interaction dynamics) to determine and prioritize the set of diseases which are most certainly impacted upon the activation of a group of queried miRNAs
  • iMiR : iMiR is a web portal with multi-tabbed design, analysis tools and user-guide to search, analyze and visualize the miRNA-disease, miRNA-TF-gene, miRNA-drug associations. iMir is a one-stop web portal for biologists and drug researchers to study the biological factors responsible for disease regulation in cells via miRNA, genes, and drugs. It allows researchers to investigate and test their hypotheses for determining disease prognosis and therapeutics.
  • miRsig : Disease-specific miRNA-miRNA interaction network framework. miRSig provides specific predicted miRNA-miRNA interaction networks for every cancer disease based on consenus-based network inference of miRNA-disease networks.

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